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Over the counter xenical canada -free beer) and the other (like most of them) are sold at a higher mark-up - about $10 per 750mL. So what does that mean? It means was more expensive, because it packaged differently. How? Well, here's <$%OUTSIDE_LINK_0%$> the scoop - package of beer the price listed on bottle has to include some of the product's ingredients and/or its price. That means it is also listed in big black quotation marks. For instance, the following beer was sold on tap at my local and Stack in downtown Boston, MA on January 7, 2009 at $2.70 per 750mL: "Crown & Anchor" (aka: Big Red)  Pour:  4.5% Degree:  110 IBUs (actual) Batch #:  1222 (5.73 gallons) Sulfury :  13 Appearance : Bright red, straw, hazy, and cloudy. Nice deep lacing. Not too dark. Aroma : Aroma is mainly malt and some hops. I picked up a little bit of fruitiness here. Taste : Taste was very creamy, but stil